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Hair Extensions

Methods available at La Bella Vita

Nano rings

The nano rings are very much similar to the application of our micro rings however the ring is significantly smaller meaning they are practically invisible in the hair. These are best suitable for finer hair. The nano rings however cannot be pushed up to the root, but they can be tightened after 6-8 weeks. After 3-4 months the nano rings need removed and the same hair is then refitted back up to the root securely, this therefore prevents any tatting of the hair.

Micro rings

Micro ring hair extensions are by far our most popular with the life span of these extensions lasting over 6 months + . The application of the extensions involves no heat or glue just simply a small silicone lined metallic ring which the hair is then gently pushed through and clamped down. This enables the client to come back after 6-8 weeks for a regular maintenance on the hair extensions which involves the small ring being opened and the hair is then pushed back up to the root securely.

Keratin bonded

Our keratin bonded extensions are applied using heat. The wax like keratin is then heated onto the hair individually. These extensions require regular maintenance of 6-8 weeks in which we then re seal the tip of the extensions to stop any water gaining access when the client is washing. The keratin bonds last up to 4 months +

La Bella Weave

Benefits of the La Bella Weave

  • 45 Minute Application
  • 15 Minute Removal
  • No Bonds
  • No Glue
  • No Heat
  • No Plaits
  • No Cornrows
  • 8-10 Weeks Life
  • 100% Re-usable

Micro ring sewn in weaves differ from the common corn-row weaves as they do not require any plaiting of the natural hair which can tend to feel very tight and can also feel and appear bulky and the wearer does not lose added volume in having the natural hair plaited. This method of extension can be tightened really easily between every 4-6 weeks, ensuring the extensions remain secure and looking in optimum condition. This technique is fantastic for clients with normal to thick hair requiring extra length or added thickness.