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Extension After Care Advice

Looking After Your Extensions After-care Hair extension after care is highly important and can effect the life span of the extensions if they are not cared for properly. Once the extensions have been fitted be very gentle with your hair, hold your hair at the top when brushing from the root to ensure you are not pulling on the natural hair. Once you leave the salon you must ensure you have the correct products (We sell all of these in our after care packages in the salon) products low in sulphate and sodium or high quality brands such as Loreal/bedhead etc.which we have recommended to you. These products are very important as the hair extensions are tipped with keratin, products rich with sodium therefore will breakdown the bonds and ruin the extensions. Conditioner is not allowed to be used all over your head, it is to be put on the lengths and ends only. However you can put a large quantity on the lengths and ends of the extensions as they need all the nourishment they can get as they are not getting natural oils from the roots. Aragan/Morrocan/Mythic oil is your new best friend, its a natural oil which should be used EVERYTIME you wash your hair. It can be put on when the hair is towel dried a few pumps and rubbed into the lengths and ends of the hair. Again with this product NEVER put it all over your head as it will ruin the keratin causing it go mushy. This product can also be used as a treatment on dry extensions, leave it on overnight with your hair in a plait and wash in the morning. Leaves extensions lasting longer and feeling silky. NEVER go to bed with your hair extensions wet, this is one of the worst things you can do. It causes matting of the hair and this is when the extensions will damage your own natural hair. Always run your fingers through your extensions and ensure they are all separated and dry your hair thoroughly before going to bed. Keep your hair in a loose plait or ponytail when sleeping, as this will ensure the extensions are kept nice and neat and prevents matting occuring. When going on holiday.swimming avoid CHLORINE at all costs, especially those with blonde extensions as the hair is Indian remy human hair it has gone through a lot of processing to get to that colour and therefore the bleach in the chlorine causes a reaction which will in turn change your extensions orange!- Chlorine/sea water also drys out the extensions so ensure you keep your hair tied up and prevent it from getting wet. Also keep a conditioning spray nearby and keep topping up the ends keeping them soft. If you have Keratin bonds fitted do not wash your hair for at least 48 hours after the extensions have been fitted. As the bonds are still setting and water will loosen them therefore they will not last as long. Ensure you all have bought a hair extension brush. We recommend the WET brush - which we sell in the salon for £12.00 it is perfect as it has wide bristles, allowing you to brush from the root of the extensions when the hair is wet or dry. This prevents matting occurring at the roots and therefore means you will get longer from your extensions. Maintenance is a must! 6-8 weeks is our recommended time for maintenance and it is required. If you return to get your extensions maintained they will last 6-8 months or more! So make sure you have booked your next appointment before you leave the salon.